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Regional Meeting Highlights

By staff, 06/12/18, 9:45AM EDT


National committee minutes are now available at the National USA Gymnastic web site XCEL Regional meet - Athletes will qualify from the State meet by percentage from each state (just like the level 6-7-8 athletes) Only Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond will be eligible for a regional meet (no Bronze) The competition will start on Friday and end on Sunday. In addition, the Club team competition will be dropped from the regional meet - the only Team competitions will be the State teams at all divisions. Level 6, 7, 8 & XCEL Regional qualification - we will no longer offer a scratch and replace for the regional meets, instead the number of athletes will be increased to the regional meet and if there is a scratch, there will be NO replacement - NO ALTERNATES - so your athletes that do not qualify from the state meet will know at the state meet and not have to keep training etc. - It will also be very important that all clubs let us know if they will be attending the regional meet and/or if you have athletes that will not attend - as once the state meet is over and the final list of qualifiers is announced there will be NO added athletes even if someone does not enter by Monday or if there is a scratch Qualifying score for level 9/10 to the regional meet will remain at 35.00AA at the state meet Single Rooms for Judges: Level 9/10 Regional meet host will provide Single hotel rooms for the judges on the meet - In addition, the region highly recommends that single rooms for judges be provided at competitions Our next regional meeting will be in Atlanta in December - minutes for this meeting will be available on line as soon as they are approved ATHLETE REGISTRATION - CLUBS WILL NOT BE REGISTERING THEIR ATHLETES - EACH PARENT MUST INDIVIDUALLY REGISTER ATHLETES AT THE NATIONAL WEB SITE - this is a big change so you will need to provide this information to all your athletes and encourage them to register as early as possible - Meet Reservation system - this system verifies athlete and coach membership and level/division - It is very important that all Pro members have up to date memberships and all athletes have the correct level - birthdate on their current membership - For sanctioned competitions the coaches sign-in sheet will come directly from Meet Reservations and if you are not on this list you will not be able to be on the competition floor - and if an athlete is not in the system she will not be allowed to compete - Keep in mind when you enter the competition at meet reservation that you still MUST go to the host club site and PAY the entry fees before the entry is considered complete Many of our National and Brevet judges tested over the weekend in North Carolina - and to the judges that are testing in the future. GOOD LUCK to all of you. The Tim Rand Golf Tournament was held over the weekend in North Carolina - special thanks to Brad Harris for his organization and work on this event and to the golfers and sponsors that participated and made this event a financial success! All proceeds will go into the TR legends fund and will continue to pay the National entry fee for our Eastern and JO National athletes - if you wish to contribute send donations to Region 8 with a note on the check for the TR Legends fund - thank you in advance for your contribution