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10/17 Update from Florida on Gyms Damaged by Hurricane Michael

By Michael Holdefer, 10/15/18, 12:15PM EDT


Toni Rand gives 10/17 update on Florida gyms


Update on Hurricane - the 4 clubs that are in the Panama Beach area are Edgewater - Gymnastics Plus - Gallaghers - Panastics 

I have requested information from the clubs on what they may or may not need - there is information that we need in order to assess and help such as what insurance is available to each club - what is the full extent of equipment damage - were they renting or did they own their facilities - and what do they need immediately to help with living conditions until all power is back -  Gallaghers has reported that they have power back and they are starting some workouts -  I have not heard more about Panastics except that their facility was ok - Gym Plus and Edgewater both had major facility damage and loss of equipment -  We also need to know if they plan to reopen - move to another facility or rebuild facilities  -  much of this could be handled by insurance but the biggest problem will be the damage to the business income as many of the families of the athletes have loss of homes, have moved out of the area and/or will not even be thinking of gym classes and team workouts for awhile - 

 The latest is that cell service is coming back and power is returning - As the power comes back then gas will be available and more stores will open so people can purchase the normal things needed for day to day - so day by day it should keep getting a little better I hope - and hopefully the insurance adjusters have been in the area and in contact with many of the victims - Kathy Dwyer is taking a trailer full of supplies to the area on Saturday and will meet at Edgewater at 9 AM  for all those that may need some supplies - donated by her club 

 In the meantime - Many of you have asked what is the best way to help so here is what is going on now 

 Florida USA Gymnastics is accepting donations that will be earmarked for hurricane victims - the donations are tax-deductible as USA Gym is a non profit organization -  The Florida committee will look at what is needed  after we receive information that we need and determine how best to distribute the funds fairly and to those that need it most - we will also work with the funds that are sent to us by the USGCOA - if we can provide some help to the clubs to either discount tuition prices - keep paying staff - it hopefully will help these clubs pay the bills until the business picks up again 

 The USGCOA thru Sandy Flores is also collecting donations and organizing fundraisers such as the Open Gym Challenge with donations going to the victims -  Any checks/donations that were sent to her for Florida USAG will be mailed to me next week  -  the USGCOA donated to North Carolina families by donating 500 gift cards that were distributed to the gym families that needed them -  I believe this is what will be done with these donations again - I have asked the clubs to let me know how many families in their gyms need assistance so we can determine how many gift cards to send to each club for distribution -  Sandy is hoping to raise a substantial amount of money which would be very much appreciated by the club and families -  

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Edgewater gymnastics which you can contribute to - at this time I am not aware of any other GoFundMe accounts set up for the other clubs -  

 I did receive another suggestion that may or may not help -  if any staff members in the affected area need work temporarily - maybe there is a club in need of some staff now that would be willing to hire them until they are needed back at their homes/gyms  -  

 Please share this information as needed - thank you to all those that have been thinking of us and offering to help 

 So that is what I have for you now  - if  you have any questions let me know 

 Toni Rand

Florida USA Gymnastics

Click here for GoFundMe page for Edgewater Gymnastics

Click here for a heart-breaking video of the Edgewater gym