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Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Stanley Patterson and Meg Henry pass out prizes after the relays at the 2023 Optional Training Camp

The Alabama USA Gymnastics 2023 Optional Training Camp was held on July 21 in the beautiful McWhorter Center, the practice facility for Auburn Gymnastics.

The camp was sponsored by the Alabama USA Gymnastics State Committee, so the camp was FREE to all gymnasts, Over 120 gymnasts and almost 30 coaches took part in the camp..

We want to thank Meg Henry for all the outstanding work she did to make this camp so beneficial to all the athletes and coaches attending. Thanks to Kenny Davis, the best trainer in our sport, for making sure all the athletes were safe and providing tons of ice for their aches and pains. And a great big thank you to Jeff Graba, Kurt Hettinger, and Auburn Gymnastics for opening up their amazing facility to allow our gymnasts to have a wonderful day of training and camaraderie. Looking forward to 2024 OTC already!

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