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In an effort to get information to USA Gymnastics members efficiently and to keep the material up to date, USA Gymnastics will no longer distribute hard copies of the Women’s R&P starting in the fall of 2015. The latest version, with corrections, is available above. You may download it and save it as a PDF in your computer or save it to iBooks. That way, it will be available on your tablet or computer along with the JO Code of Points, the Xcel Code of Points, and the USA Gymnastics Compulsory Book.

Women’s Program Rules & Policies

How and When Changes are made to USA Gymnastics  Programs (JO and Xcel)

The national committees (JO, Xcel, and TC) meet in May each year. They consist of your elected national and regional committee chairs (about 10 people each – see charts on page 4-11 of R & P).

At these meetings, they review the success and problems of the previous season.  They address problems and issues brought to them and their state chairs by the membership. They do their best to address these problems with changes to the program for the upcoming season.  These annual changes are effective August 1, at the start of the new season.  Any changes made after, or outside of this annual meeting, and there are very few, are made to address immediate safety concerns. The exception being the evaluation of new skills being performed by athletes in competition during the season.  Those are assigned a value by the Regional Technical Committee Chair and readdressed at the end of the season at the annual national committee  meetings. Any updates to the iCodes or revised pages to the printed Codes during the year are a result of individuals finding errors or contradictions in the Codes, which are corrected as quickly as possible to avoid misunderstanding of information. These corrections never involve a change, only a error that was missed in the proofing process.