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    2020 Alabama Regional State Teams and Qualifiers

    Although we did not get to have our 2020 Optional and Xcel State Championships, all the State Chairs in Region 8 collected the top 2 scores for all of our Level 6-10 and Xcel state qualifiers. Based on the average of those 2 scores, we compiled a list of State Team Members and Regional Qualifiers. Because several states did not submit their Xcel scores, only Regional Team members could be determined for Xcel levels as the number of total qualifiers was based on the total percentages from all 8 states which we did not have.

    Listed below are the State Teams and qualifiers based on the criteria set by Region 8.



    2020 Alabama Mini-Congress Canceled

    After much thought and discussion, the State Committee voted unanimously to cancel the 2020 ALUSAG Mini-Congress scheduled for June 19-20.

    The decision was based on several factors - the restrictions and logistical problems we would face with physical distancing guidelines, the situation that many clubs are in with just reopening and operating, the cost of travel to Birmingham during these financially tough times for clubs, and other factors.

    We really wanted to bring all these educational and training opportunities to you this summer but COVID-19 punched us all in the gut. Your State Committee had put together great clinicians and great session for the Mini-Congress and there were many hours spent on planning and developing the event. I want to thank Sandi McGee for all her work in obtaining clinicians and speakers and for doing the framework and social media for Mini-Congress 2020 and thanks to Sarah Smith from HGC for putting together our Banquet and Social Events for the weekend. These ladies deserve a tremendous thank you for their time and dedication to the project.

    We are still working on possible webinars to guide and inspire our clubs as they go through the reopening and readjusting going through the summer and into the fall. As soon as we get these lined up, we will let you know. These will be free of charge to our professional members in Alabama.

    Thank all of you who took the time to answer our surveys that helped shape the 2020 Mini-Congress.We will certainly be asking you for the topics and training that you see as important for the 2021 Mini-Congress.

    Mike Holdefer

    Mike Holdefer

    Alabama State Committee Chair

    Phone: 205-759-9359